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Business Planning

For Social Enterprises that are just starting out.

Make sure that your business has a solid footing.

By doing business planning with me you will have a plan that shows what you do, how you will do it, what team supports are behind you, and who you compete with. We will explain which problem you are solving, and what makes your solution different. We will also go through the estimated financials so that you know how long it is likely to take for your enterprise to break even.

Most importantly, I will help you explain why this problem and your solution matter.

Complete your business planning with someone who understands your multiple bottom lines.

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Strategic Planning

For established organizations looking to refresh their strategy.

Your organization should know where you are, what your strengths are, and where you want to be going.

You likely already have everything you need for your organization to be successful, I can help you identify where your resources can be best used to achieve your goals, and keep your organization afloat.

Whether you need to update your mission and vision statements, or if you need to bring in more customers to break even, strategic planning can help.


A communications plan should form the foundation for your organization's marketing communications.

With a completed communications plan, you will know where your organization is, where you would like it to go, and what you need to communicate in order to get there.

Stop feeling lost about what you should be saying, and to whom. Make a communications plan.

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