Newsletter Sign Up Bonuses


There are a variety of bonuses for signing up to the Strategy Made Simple newsletter. Access to the files is provided in one convenient place so that all subscribers can grab any of the tools and files whenever they need to. This page is updated each time I create a new tool or template. If you are not a newsletter subscriber yet, you can sign up below and be the first to hear of any new tools and templates that are being developed.


Strategic Communications Plan (14 pages)

The Strategic Communications Plan is both a strategic planning guide and marketing tool. It will help you understand what your organization is about and how to present it. It goes over who is responsible for each part of the plan, from starting work to final approvals. After going through this process, you should be able to quickly describe what it is that you sell, to whom, and where you will be promoting it. Finally, you will prepare for the worst case scenarios by creating a pre-mortem to predict what might go wrong with your plans, and a panic plan so that there is a prepared plan for if your worst case scenarios actually happen.

There are detailed section descriptions available here. You can also get to the description pages by clicking on the links on the PDF.

Social Enterprise Check In (1 page)

The Social Enterprise Check In is a one page document intended to help you quickly understand where the organization is now, and where it is heading. You can find out more about how to do a check in here.