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What's Different About Awareness Marketing?

Or: Why Should I Care About Marketing Funnels?

If you’ve been paying any attention to social media in the past few years, you will have seen the huge growth of viral awareness campaigns. These were typically started by non-profits and other organizations that require donations to continue functioning. One of the most popular and effective campaigns was the ice bucket challenge that was created by the ALS association.

Awareness campaigns like this are based on a few key assumptions. The first is that people will share information about an issue once they find out about it. The second is that if people know about an important cause or issue, they are more likely to do something about it. The third is that once they want to do something, there is a good chance that they will donate or make some other kind of contribution towards the goals outlined in the campaign.

One of the challenges with these campaigns is that the assumptions aren’t necessarily accurate. Reports on the ice bucket challenge found that (in the UK) only 10% of people who actively participated donated towards the cause. So why did so few who were actively involved not follow through and donate?

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Defining Success

Or: What makes a social enterprise?

How you define success should influence your pricing, distribution, packaging, employment practices, and more. Every aspect of your operations should point back to your definition.

We each have different priorities for our lives. We want different things and we value some things over others. For myself, being able to live close to my family and get intentional time with them each week is something that I value over having a larger home or the chance to live somewhere exotic.

When we choose our priorities individually, we are making decisions about how we use our time and our energy, what kinds of things we spend our money on and the kinds of people we build relationships with. When we find and define what our personal success looks like, it is easier to find the path that leads towards fulfillment.

As a business, making an explicit definition of success is the key to making an impact. By expressing and committing to a definition of success that goes beyond profit you can become a social enterprise.

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