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Compete With Products And With Branding.

Or: Direct, Indirect, And Replacement Competition

Who is your competition?

In some areas of life, there is an easy answer. If you play on a football team, clearly the other teams are your competition. If you are a football league commissioner, then it’s a little more complicated. You could see other team sports as your competition, from rugby to soccer to baseball. Beyond even that, if you’re a coach of a community team for 15-year olds, you’re trying to compete for the attention and focus of your players. You’re competing with school, music teachers, video games, and raging teenage hormones.

Competition is not as clear cut as we might like it to be. The same applies to marketing.

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Who Do You Compete With?

Most nonprofits don’t see themselves as competing with other organizations. In the traditional sense, they don’t. Most nonprofits don’t compete to sell a product or service.

Looking at competition in a different light, nonprofits definitely compete in a variety of ways with other organizations. They compete with other nonprofits and charities for donations, they compete with all forms of entertainment for the time of their volunteers. They also compete with significant industry lobbyists for the ear of politicians.

There are many ways in which nonprofits need to compete.

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