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Outcomes and Momentum

Social Enterprise Marketing Campaigns Part 3

So far, we’ve covered goals, as well as results and measurement. Now we’ll move on to the desired outcomes of your marketing campaign.

Outcomes differ from results in their scale. If you were thinking about a marketing campaign like a bike trip to grandma’s house, the goal would be the destination. The results and measurement is the total distance travelled. The outcomes would be every 100 meters, or each block you bike.

Outcomes are small.

If we thought of results as a full scientific peer reviewed study, then outcomes are individual pieces of data, or an anecdote. You can’t get results without outcomes, but you can’t call a single outcome a trend.

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Defining Results and How to Measure Them

Social Enterprise Marketing Campaigns Part 2

Now that we’ve determined what our goals are and how our branding directs our goals, how will we know when we’ve achieved our goals? If you don’t have an immediate way of answering it, then you need to define what measurements you are going to use, and what results will indicate a completed goal.

So, how do you determine what counts as positive results? This will depend on what kind of goals you set for yourself. If you selected an unlimited goal, then you’ll want to set up measurements that test your efficiency, or your recurring impact. If you have a bounded goal, then you will want to set up measurements that allow you to measure progress towards the desired endpoint the goal describes.

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Building a Brand, and Goal Setting

Social Enterprise Marketing Campaigns Part 1

As you start out with your marketing, you need to have a good grasp of what your brand is. You probably have an idea of what your brand is, whether it is written down or not. Having an explicitly written brand is essential. By having written brand values and characteristics all of your marketing and communications efforts will be connected.

If you don’t know what your brand is, think about your brand as a person. One individual. What is their personality? How do they present themselves? Who would they spend time with? Do they speak like a California surfer dude, or like a kindergarten teacher? What does this person value?

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Ride your bike

Or: Values, Alignment, and Customer Questions

Marketing is about aligning your product or service with the values of your customers, then helping them overcome the objections they might have about purchasing the product or service.

I’ve been thinking about this concept for a while now. As of right now, I’m convinced it’s one of the most important intersections between marketing and sales. I’m going to break it down in a couple different ways. First off, aligning the product or service with values. Second, aligning those values with the right customers. Third, overcoming the objections between first contact with your brand, and the point of purchase.

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