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Overcoming Objections

Or: Values, Alignment, and Customer Questions

Marketing is about aligning your product or service with the values of your customers, then helping them overcome the objections they might have about purchasing the product or service.

I’ve been thinking about this concept for a while now. As of right now, I’m convinced it’s one of the most important intersections between marketing and sales. I’m going to break it down in a couple different ways. First off, aligning the product or service with values. Second, aligning those values with the right customers. Third, overcoming the objections between first contact with your brand, and the point of purchase.

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The Most Important Part of Communication

Trust is the most important part of any communication. Without trust, there is no way to communicate. Because of that, you need to find ways to build trust with your audience.

Why is it important for your audience to trust you? Have ever had a friend that always asks for a couple bucks every few weeks and rarely pays you back? After a while, no matter how much they promise they will pay you back, you won’t really believe them. If you can’t trust the people that you’re talking to, then nothing of significance can come from the conversation.

There are many ways to build trust with audiences. The most important part of building trust is consistency. As people see your brand acting in a consistent way, they will begin to trust that you will stay the same. From that initial trust, you can begin trying to expand that trust to include your work.

Usually when people first encounter your organization, you will have people who are excited to see what you do, and those who are naturally skeptical. You will need to be able to interact effectively with both kinds of people.

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How to Write Like You’re Talking to Real People

Have you ever written a piece for your company’s blog and felt that it came out wooden and stiff? How about writing Facebook broadcasts that ended up being a bad sales pitch? Tweets like you’re talking to cardboard? Instagram pics that… You’ve probably already got something in mind.

We’ve all seen examples of poor performance that comes from producing content for “the website” or for “the internet.” Often you can see that it wasn’t written for anyone. You can do better.

Audience personas are tools to help you speak to your audience.

Audience personas are useful because they help you imagine who you are talking with. They can also help guide you to understand what you should talk about.

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