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Podcast: You Should Be Marketing

Marketing sometimes gets a bad reputation. It can be seen as a necessary evil of being in business. A dirty part of earning revenue.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Marketing is just the practice of being clear about the value you can offer to potential customers, and presenting it to them in a way that matches your company’s brand.

If you truly believe in the products and services that your social enterprise is producing, and you want to continue making the social change related to your business, you need to be marketing.

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Podcast: Connection and Messaging with Ian Rountree

Ian Rountree is the project manager in charge of Buy Social Praries. Buy Social Praries is a project of LITE, and is a part of the wider network in Buy Social Canada.

Ian and I talk about the importance of explaining what your social enterprise is about, and how to tailor that message to specific audiences. We also talk about the importance of networking as an industry to attempt to hit the scale needed to provide products and services for the large purchasing needs of businesses and governments.

If you are a social enterprise that needs certification, or are interested in purchasing products from social enterprises, please contact Ian to learn more.

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Podcast: Amanda Bernardo with Little Voice Books

Amanda Bernardo is half of Little Voice Books, an independent children's book publishing company. She is the author behind Little Voice and The Lighthouse. Along with her illustrator Samantha, they have built up the company around these two books.

We talk about the challenges of marketing books and growing a business with small roots. We also talk about how to organize a company to be able to have the capacity to grow into new areas.

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Podcast: The Networks of Anne Kresta

Anne Kresta is the President and CEO of Level IT Up, a social enterprise that helps people with autism with job training, while providing quality IT workers for Winnipeg tech companies.

Throughout our conversation, Anne would always mention how what they're doing would not be possible without the support of various groups of people. From her board, to the network of similar organizations, to the autism community. Networks are powerful for social enterprise, and it's important to be connected to both other social impact organizations, as well as the customers you hope to serve.

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Podcast: Diversified Impact with Kalen Taylor

Kalen Taylor stepped into the role of Executive Director at Purpose Construction and Purpose Pest Management in 2018. Since they started, they have been working at re-branding and separating out the two areas of their expertise, residential retrofits and pest management.

As a part of this process, Kalen has been leading Purpose to expand their offerings to better serve their community, and their staff.

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Podcast: The Relationships of Social Enterprise with Kristy Muckosky

Kristy Muckosky uses the relationships with volunteers at the Thrive Thrift Shop to help them build their confidence and grow to see new possibilities. She does this by providing them with a space where they can take chances, learn how to keep trying after failures, and do so in a non-judgemental environment.

The Thrive Thrift Shop is a community based thrift shop offering household goods from diapers to bedsheets to the north end community of Winnipeg. They also provide training to volunteers to help them learn how to handle customers and retail customer service.

Disclosure: At the time of recording I am serving a term on the board of Thrive Community Support Circle.

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Podcast: Social Procurement and Work Integration with Art Ladd

Art Ladd is the Executive Director of BUILD - Building Urban Industries for Local Development. The majority of his work is centered around helping people who have barriers to employment. BUILD helps them by providing paid training and work placements so they can apply to other companies with experience and a reference.

Art also explains how aspiring social entrepreneurs can look for social problems that can be solved while also solving an economic problem.

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Podcast: Marty Donkervoort with Business Skills and Social Values

Marty Donkervoort is a Manitoba based social entrepreneur and educator. He's founded multiple worker co-ops and social enterprises, done consulting and teaches courses on social enterprise and sustainability.

Marty suggests that social enterprises cannot thrive without the business skills to compete in the marketplace. He also explains his story of transitioning from being an executive in a multinational corporation to working in the social sector.

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Podcast: Shaun Loney and the Solutions Economy

Shaun Loney is a Manitoba based social enterprise developer. He has started several social enterprises, and has been an advisor for many more. He has also written three books on the subject.

Shaun urges us to examine the systems within which we live and work. He has encouraged me and many others to try to work towards finding solutions for the problems that are caused by our systems.

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Podcast: Our Stories and Our Values with Cate Friesen

What do our stories say about us? How do we show our values through our stories? How can we change the way we feel about ourselves by changing how we talk about ourselves?

These are all things that Cate and I talk about in this episode of the Strategy Made Simple podcast. Find out how you can tell better stories about your social enterprise.

Cate Friesen is the person behind The Story Source. She does coaching and facilitates workshops to help you or your organization find your story and teach you how to tell your story.

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Podcast: Animal Assisted Social Enterprise with Kathryn Kimbley

Kathryn Kimbley is pursuing a PhD studying nascent social entrepreneurs, in addition to running her own animal assisted therapy social enterprise called HumAnimaCIC. She is based in the Midlands in the United Kingdom.

She spoke about her personal story of getting into social enterprise, what it looks like for people to participate in animal assisted therapy, and how social enterprises might be able to incorporate animals into their operations. We also talked about the gaps between academics and practitioners, and the lack of a solid definition of social enterprise.

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Podcast: A National Network of Collaboration with Mike Toye

Mike Toye is the Executive Director of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCED-Net). Through his work, he attempts to bring together diverse perspectives on Community Economic Development and share successful innovations across the national community.

I got a chance to speak with him while attending the CCED-Net Manitoba Gathering, a national conference where CED academics and practitioners get together and share ideas and perspectives.

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Podcast: Teresa Prokopanko - Community Based Social Marketing

Community Based Social Marketing (CBMS) is a system for promoting ideas and advocating within groups of people. It has been used by advocacy agencies to understand where their efforts are most likely to produce the results they are looking for, and whether people are likely to respond positively towards their initiatives.

Teresa Prokopanko is the Composting Coordinator for Green Action Centre in Winnipeg. In this episode she explains how small organizations can use CBSM practices as a framework for their impact campaigns.

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Podcast: Organizational Incentives and Structures with Frank Atnikov

Frank Atnikov is the program coordinator of Social Enterprise Manitoba, an initiative of CCED-Net Manitoba. He helps connect social enterprises with resources to help them with developing their business, and coaching them through the stages of starting and growing a social enterprise.

In this episode of Strategy Made Simple, Frank walks us through a different definition of social enterprising, how to align the incentives within an organization with desired outcomes, and when it might not be a good idea to start a social enterprise.

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Podcast: Siloh Moses - Aligning Business With Impact

On this episode of the Strategy Made Simple podcast, I interviewed Siloh Moses and we spoke about how to align your business operations with your desired impact. More specifically, we spoke about how to find out what kind of impact your business should pursue, and how to amplify the existing impact you are creating.

Siloh Moses is the founder behind WeWin360, a social good consulting agency. His book Better Than This is available on Amazon.

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Podcast: Caryn Birch - Non-Profit Supported Startup

RaY or Resource assistance for Youth is a non-profit based in Winnipeg, Manitoba that helps youth get into the workforce. They use several social enterprises to provide workforce training for their Level Up program. Caryn Birch is the manager of their newest social startup: Level Up: Gift and Thrift.

Caryn walks us through some of the steps that were involved with setting up a new social enterprise, and what challenges are to be expected for anyone who is thinking about starting a social startup.

Gift and Thrift is a gift shop stocked with artists' works and thrift shop for the downtown community. It is based on the Graham Mall, the main transit hub for the city, just four blocks from the Winnipeg Jets' Bell MTS place.

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Podcast: Matthew Rempel: What is Social Entrepreneurship

This episode features Matthew Rempel as he explains some of the basic aspects of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise. He explains how social entrepreneurs think about how they solve problems through their businesses, and how you might be able to take some of the concepts they're using and apply them to your work, whether you're with a social enterprise or not.



If you want to do marketing for your social enterprise with confidence, and develop your business for greater impact, please contact me, and we'll build better business together.

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Podcast: Growth and Social Enterprise

What do people in the social enterprise sphere think about business growth? I've asked 5 of my previous guests how they think about growth and how that impacts the way their organizations operate.

Guests include:

Carinna Rosales - SEED Winnipeg, an employment focused non-profit

Yacine Bara - Changewealth, a wealth management social enterprise

Philip Mikulec - Peg City Car Coop, a car sharing co-op

Sarah Leeson-Klym - Canadian Community Economic Development Network, a community industry network and advocacy group

Brendan Reimer - Assiniboine Credit Union, a for profit credit union.

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Podcast: Systems of Leadership Development with Carinna Rosales

Carinna Rosales is the Co-Executive Director of SEED Winnipeg. She helps clients develop businesses to work their way out of poverty.

Carinna works at helping to build systems to teach leadership to potential business operators. Her main goal is to help clients build a stable income that can provide for them and their families, while working through the local markets.

We also speak about some of the big challenges of businesses and non-profits that seek to make an impact, and where the leaders of social enterprise movements around the world are likely to come from.

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Podcast: Mobility Collaboration with Philip Mikulec

Philip Mikulec is the operations manager of the Peg City Car Co-op. They provide hub based car sharing in the Winnipeg downtown area. We spoke about how financial capital can be difficult to raise for social enterprise and co-ops, and how we might begin to build systemic source of capital. We also spoke about how the Canadian shared mobility industry is actively collaborative in trying to find solutions to their shared problems.

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