My name is Matthew Rempel (Formerly Matthew Dyck) and I am the founder of Strategy Made Simple.

I am based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and I founded Strategy Made Simple to help small social enterprise with marketing communications and strategic planning.

As I studied social sciences, I kept coming across examples of great organizations with excellent people who were trying to make an impact. The only problem was that nobody could properly explain why their organizations mattered. After seeing enough examples of good organizations with poor marketing I decided I wanted to help.

My training is in looking at messaging, how it is presented in different contexts, and how different messages can impact economic and political spheres. Through this I help organizations properly explain their impact, then create plans to promote their impact.

Before starting I had started up an art collective that I closed down within a year of formation. It was one of the greatest learning experiences I have ever had, and I learned a lot about managing working relationships, and that running a business takes a significant time investment.

Since that venture, I have worked with CBC Manitoba on the local Radio One shows, and have been working with clients in the nonprofit and social enterprise fields.

I produce a blog and podcast where you can learn how to improve your marketing and organizational structure.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at or tweet at me @Matthewrempel